Saturday, 14 June 2014

So Close

Day  165
Money Spent Today - £0    Vouchers/Points/Credits Spent - £0
Money Spent in Total - £159.11  Vouchers/Points/Credits Spent in Total - £215.34
Emergency £5 Spent on Butter
Money left in purse  - £5.89
This picture was taken in my last polytunnel way back in June 2010, we are now so close to be able to be growing our own again it hurts.
Hopefully by the end of today we will have the first of the seedlings planted out in one of the raised beds and then over the next couple of weeks the polytunnel and net tunnels will be going up and once again we will not have to pay for salad stuff and veggies.  My purse will be delighted.
So close  :-)
Sue xx

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