Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Produce Market

Day  134
Money Spent Today - £2   Vouchers/Points/Credits Spent - £0
Money Spent in Total - £123.35  Vouchers/Points/Credits Spent in Total - £174.60
Emergency £5 Spent on Butter
Money left in purse  - £10.65
We called to the local regular Produce Market in Llanrwst the other day and I was tempted to buy these, a lovely big bag of fresh Rocket leaves and a couple of Courgettes.  I had nothing specific in mind for them, I just really liked the look of the wonderful fruits and veggies on a chaps stall and wanted to support him.
 I also bought a lovely chunk of Victoria sandwich but that was bought out of my spends rather than the Challenge money as a treat for Lovely Hubby and me with a bottle of wine my spends also coughed up for :-)
 I'll try and make an effort to go back next month, I've pencilled it into my diary so I remember as it's on the second Friday of every month.  Sometimes it's nice to support the producers rather than lining the pockets of the big boys.
Sue xx

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  1. It's good to support these small local businesses. I wish we had some kind of produce market nearby - we have zero choice for fresh veggies. Roll on summer and home grown goodies :)


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