Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Comfort Food

Day  141
Money Spent Today - £0   Vouchers/Points/Credits Spent - £0
Money Spent in Total - £132.90  Vouchers/Points/Credits Spent in Total - £176.06
Emergency £5 Spent on Butter
Money left in purse  - £8.10
As for using up the salad I realise that this is a pretty poor show, but at least the last two tomatoes weren't wasted, slice up they did a portion each of this for us :-)
It's strange that sometimes I simply crave something that isn't fresh, isn't salady or vegetably and is simply what I guess you would call comfort food.  Easy to cook, easy to eat and very, very tasty.
At least my comfort food is no longer a full bar of Dairy Milk as it used to be many moons ago.
Sue xx

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