Monday, 28 April 2014

Playing Catch Up

Day  117
Money Spent Today - £0   Vouchers/Points/Credits Spent - £0
Money Spent in Total - £111.12  Vouchers/Points/Credits Spent in Total - £174.60
Emergency £5 Spent on Butter
Money left in purse  - £5.88
Can you tell I'm playing catch up a bit at the moment. 
I haven't been able to Blog as regularly as I normally do over this past week.  For lots of reasons,  it was Easter which this year owing to it being so late had to include my birthday celebrations, which meant for once we had lots of visitors, then we had a lovely house guest for the week, when she left us on Friday it was a quick dash round to catch up on a few jobs and then we helped our youngest son to move into his new bachelor pad on Saturday, and very nice it is too!!
On top of all that I had a sore left wrist for a couple of weeks, due I think to a small broken bone (it used to grate when I moved it, but rest has stopped that) with that almost better I then went and burnt off completely the fingerprint of my middle finger on my right hand, quite a few layers of skin were burnt off, which meant I had to do everything with my left hand which has now obviously made this start to ache again.
As a touch typist (from a former life) I am now struggling ...  touch typing with my left whilst doing Lovely Hubby's favourite method of index finger typing with my right hand.  Talk about brain ache!!
Cheapo lager served with lemonade in the form of a nice cold shandy would take my mind off things ... at 25p a can it was the wonder find of my Live Below the Line research.   :-)
Sue xx

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