Friday, 11 April 2014

Extravagant Shopping ?


Day  101
Money Spent Today - £13.36   Vouchers/Points Spent - £0
Money Spent in Total - £92.76   Vouchers/Points Spent in Total - £134.45
Emergency £5 Spent on Butter
Money left in purse  - £8.24
Boyed up by managing somehow to spend less than my allotted £100 in the first 100 days of this Challenge, yesterday I hit the shops ... and I think I got a bit extravagant!!
Pastry cases that I could easily have made from scratch cost me 99p each, that's almost a whole days money !!  But with our own eggs and a supply of frozen grated cheese available I will have the means to fill them for no extra cost .... and then thinking about it a bit more,  it occurred to me that if I had bought a completely ready made one (which I would never do unless it was on a brilliant yellow stickered offer) it would be smaller and so much more expensive and less tasty than my own, so now I am not as dismayed with myself for succumbing to temptation.  Although I was shocked at the price, as just one year ago these were 67p each ..... now that is a huge increase in price!!
I wanted the icecream to go with all the homemade crumbles that I have lurking in the freezer, we have eaten all the homemade icecream now,  it lasted well as it was so rich you only needed a little bit at a time, but it was cheaper (and easier) for me to buy a tub of ready made this time :-)
I also got the chocolate .... well, it's almost the weekend, and with a bottle of wine in the fridge it will make for a lovely tasty treat whilst watching a film together.
The milk is obviously for my Lovely Hubby's drinks over the weekend.  I've taken to buying the four pinters as they are only £1 at the moment, he has half one weekend and then I freeze the other half for the following one and it's much cheaper than buying two 2 pinters.
And the chips because that's what I suddenly fancied for my tea.  I remembered something I had at the back of the cupboard and decided I simply had to have that for my tea, so easy to do after a long day with lots of travelling.  I did and it was totally yummy, although not something I have too often.

I bought some more of these to stash in the freezer too, we have eaten all the others and at two packs for £1.50 a real bargain.

And also a few more bread rolls, also now in the freezer.  Although I can make brilliant loaves of bread I really can't get the texture we like for brown bread rolls, and I have tried lots of the recommended methods for getting a nice soft crust.

As I bought lots of other things that weren't even slightly foodie I managed to get myself a £1.40 coupon off my next shop.  I think I may nip back and get us another sliced loaf with this as I do need to go and get petrol at some point over the next couple of days.
And as for the £5 off a £40 shop.  I'll have to see what meat LH has stacked in the freezer and see if it's worth me stocking him up a bit more to take advantage of this.  I like to consider these vouchers before just jumping in and spending them, after all they are given out with the sole intention of getting us back to spend more money than we actually mean to or even need to.
Sue xx

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  1. That's so true, I really pay attention to the vouchers nowadays, most of them are trying to con you. I normally use the double points or money off coupons, but I try to avoid bonus points when you buy such-and-such, because I normally don't need it!


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