Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Shopoholic Tendencies

Day  64  
Money Spent Today - £9.16 Vouchers/Points Spent - £10.45 
Money Spent in Total - £42.59 Vouchers/Points Spent in Total - £90.45
Emergency £5 Spent on Butter
Money left in purse  - £21.41
I think I'm developing shopaholic tendencies :-(
Only days after buying all the treats at good old M&S I found myself in Tesco for more sparkling water and having another real splurge.  Well to me it feels like a splurge when I've been so good for so long, I suppose to anyone used to a shopping trolley full of food every week it would seem positively restrained.
I even nipped back in when I went for a coffee and added these to my basket.
Well there's lots in stock now, so much so I'm even considering having a total ban on ALL shopping for the rest of the month to get me out of this bad spending habit :-)
I have got the receipts for these purchases stuck in my diary, and I've photographed them but for some reason, known only to itself my camera is refusing to download to the computer, I'll try again later.
Sue xx

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  1. Don't be so hard on yourself, Sue. You've bought just the basics: water, veggies, protein. And none of it will go to waste because you do so well to keep track of what you do have. Here's an idea.....If you think you're overspending on treats try keeping pictures of your open cupboards on your phone so that you can remind yourself of the sweet or indulgent things you already have while you are out shopping.


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