Friday, 7 February 2014

Water, Water Everywhere and All Of It To Drink .....

Day 38
Money Spent Today - £2.33 Vouchers Spent - £0   
Money Spent in Total - £13.34    Vouchers Spent in Total - £5
Emergency £5 Spent on Butter
Money left in purse  - £24.66

This shopping trip saw me decide to spend my 'Special Purchase' £5 (see HERE for more information), as well as £2.33 on shopping. 
So this is what the £2.33 bought me ...

... and this is my 'special purchase'. 
My favourite butter on offer for £3.25 each or 2 for £5.
Now that pesky £5 is gone I can stop wondering what it will be spent on and I really love butter, for cooking with and for spreading on things.  It's good to know that as well as a couple of packs tucked in the freezer I have these two tubs to see me through the next few weeks.
I surprised myself with this purchase!!
I really didn't need it, I have similar sauces in the cupboard just waiting to be used but it was the price that caught my eye .... it was just 20p.  I picked it off the shelf thinking that for that price it must be made from complete rubbish, so I had a good look at the label.

Amazing, not a bad thing there ... well the sugar content is a bit high but that's about the only 'baddie'.  So I thought for an outlay of just 20p it was worth experimenting with.
I wonder how many meals I can get from one 20p jar?  Of course another good thing is I have another jar for my home made sauces to go in and usually if you do buy new jars they cost a lot more than 20p, so it would be worth buying a couple of pounds worth of sauces for the jars alone.
Anyway I'm happy now that I have a new supply of my beloved Sparkling water.  I'm easily pleased :-)
Sue xx


  1. The sauce looks amazing value, it will be interesting to hear what you think of it. If sparkling water makes you happy then why not, its cheap, healthy, sugar and fat free! Enjoy. X

  2. I am amazed how cheap your sparkling water is. I live in Dallas USA and we pay around a dollar, ( 62p ) for a litre bottle.
    That is a nice treat with a couple of ice cubes and a slice of lemon or lime, I often have one of those while I am cooking dinner.
    On occasions, I might add a splash of wine.
    Wish I could get the sauce and at that price, what a bargain. Maybe, you could stock pile a few jars if it turns out to be good.
    Thank you for both of your blogs, I love 'em.
    Pam in TX.

  3. I got an asda smart price curry sauce for 20p, a bit like a korma and made a chickpea and butternut squash curry with it and it was very good, albeit a bit too sweet, like the tesco one. Good for a standby, though.

  4. Ooh, 20p? I will check that out. I couldn't bring my self to spend money on water though, sparkling or not, but then I do treat myself to the odd bottle of white wine!

    Great blog.



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