Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Sparkling Water

Day 35
Money Spent Today - £0 Vouchers Spent - £0   
Money Spent in Total - £11.01    Vouchers Spent in Total - £5
Money left in purse  - £23.99 
Anyone who knows me and has read my Blog will know that this is my downfall ... Sparkling Water. 
 It's not bad as my only real vice, at just 17p per bottle it's super cheap, and my favourite this T*sco one is very tasty.  I've found the Sainsbugs one goes flat very quickly after opening and I do like my bubbles.
Whenever I have Blogged about drinking this in the past lots of folk leave comments telling me to invest in a soda stream thingy (small letters on purpose I am not advertising) and be kinder to my pocket,  and also that I should be kinder to the environment.  We costed out doing just this and found it would take us years and years to break even with the outlay they are currently from around £50 for the machine and then according to the website it will make you fizzy water for 17p a litre, twice the price of what I have been paying.  As I do use approximately half my bottles as cloches for plants or starter pots to grow things in (I cut them in half for either),  not all my bottles go back for recycling either.  So it's not all bad on my part.
Now I have just finished the last bottle of my stash and I have had a decision to make.  Do I splurge what is almost two days worth of money to buy my usual 10 bottles of water or do I just switch to tap water, where we used to live this would not have been an option as our water tasted dreadful even after filtering, but here in North Wales the water is lovely straight from the tap and I do drink it. 
I have ummed and arghed about this over the weekend and come to the conclusion that I will buy my usual 10 bottle stash and see how long it lasts me.  I will make an effort to drink more tap water during the day to eke out my new supply of sparkling water and then work out what it costs me for an average week of bubbles.
Decision made :-)
Sue xx


  1. Go on spoil yourself!!! I drink Tesco's sparkling water too, I like it with hm elderflower cordial which I make very year. Its very refreshing in the sunner a glass made up with the cordial and a couple of ice cubes........I buy 4 bottles a month they just last me unless I am excessively thirsty.

  2. Yep, same here. I do like the fizzy water and my treat is either home-made elderflower cordial or peach tea concentrate that I bought in France. Both of these are very limited stock so I do try to stretch it as long as possible. After last year's success with the elderflower, I shall definitely be making more this year - wherever we are in the UK.

  3. I think your North Wales water will probably be a bit like our West Cumbrian water, people from other parts tell me it's good to drink. I can't really tell, it's all I know. Why not try mixing the fizz with the tap?

  4. And I forgot to mention, I used to have one of those fizzy drink makers, it was always needing very expensive gas bottles.

  5. as self indulgences go 17p isn't a lot...
    I 'have' to have mineral water as our tap water has such a chemical twang...it's sad really as it is collected from the South Downs so probably is delicious before it gets it's treatment.

  6. I priced these here in the states and they run upwards $100.00+ for the machine and refill kits (for 120 liters) $60.00 each. And you can't use them for plant pots. I drink tea.

  7. Sparkling water is my drink too, and I prefer that 17p one to the others as the fizz lasts longer. I drink it in a wine glass usually and have about 2 bottles a week.

  8. I have a soda stream. I was very lucky, I got mine as a gift. I've had mine for 21/2 years and I'm on my third cylinder. I drink the water every day. The cylinders are $35.00 but if you take in the empty one, you get a new one for $18.00. I was drinking bottled mineral water from the grocery store everyday so, for me, this is much better money wise and environmentally. I used to have a LOT of empty bottles to take to the bottle depot.

  9. I like a drop of the fizzy stuff too .. but I find it goes off/flat quite quickly once opened ... I drink quite a lot of the tap water .. like you say .. tastes just fine in this part of the country.

  10. I love sparkling water too! We have been budgeting extremely tightly for a few months now, but I have continued to include sparkling water in the budget...I have just halved my consumption, instead of removing it completely from the shopping list.


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