Saturday, 1 February 2014

January Round Up

 Round Up - January
Food Bought
Two packs of Shortcrust Pastry  -  £1.50 - R  (Reduced price)
Bread Finger Rolls - 89p
Bag of Charlotte Potatoes - 90p - R
Bag of Red Onions - 75p
Bag of Brown Onions - £1
Multi seed Bloomer Loaf - £1.29
Iceberg Lettuce - £1
Cheese Coleslaw - £1.50
Cucumber - 80p
Carrots - 26p
Total - £8.39
Minus Voucher for £5.00
Cash Used - £3.39

Salmon Fillets - £2.80 - R
Two packs of Bread Rolls - 79p x 2 = £1.58 - R
Cinnamon Bagels - 69p - R
Total - £5.07
Total Spend Cash this Month £9.96
Total Voucher Spend £5
Money in purse to go forward to February - £21.04

And today's money added in makes that £22.04 now available for use.

Sue xx


  1. Very impressive Sue, well done. How is your store cupboards looking?

    1. They are still looking strangely full, although I have been moving things around a bit trying to get things logical. The freezer is also looking very respectable due to leftovers and excess things made being frozen for future use. I guess the fridge is staying the most empty.

      I am surprised at how well things are lasting but I am also surprised at how little I actually eat, I kept a notebook last week and it's not a lot, I should be an 8st waif ... but I'm not ...Lol :-)

  2. Brilliant Sue, hope February is good to you xx

  3. That's brilliant. You are setting me such a good example. I am trying to spend the minimum I can and use up my stores but I must admit I have not done as well as I should for various reasons. I must try harder in February. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Are you Blogging about it, you should :-)

  4. Wow. Just, you know, wow. :o)

  5. Fantastic! Are there any foods you miss eating yet?

    1. Yes ..... Cream!! If I see any on the bargain shelves I think I would be tempted. I have lots of tomatoey based pasta sauces but I love creamy ones, I may try using some yogurt, but I do like cream. better.

      Oooh cream, cream .... you have me drooling (not a pretty picture I know) :-)


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