Tuesday, 25 February 2014

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February 2014
January 2014
Day  56
Money Spent Today - £0  Vouchers/Points Spent - £0   
Money Spent in Total - £28.59 Vouchers/Points Spent in Total - £25
Emergency £5 Spent on Butter
Money left in purse  - £27.41
Before you try and play 'spot the difference' too much I must point out that things have been added from the boxes that used to lurk in the conservatory after our move and the cupboards have been tidied.  I will try and keep the cupboards as they are for future photo comparisons, but I do seem to move things around a lot, and I am also trying to minimise the amount of cupboards we have that are actually used for food storage.  So as soon as a space becomes available in this one I seem to fill it from somewhere else ... does anyone else do this or am I alone in this sad habit of 'food Tetris'?
I've noticed the food in the cupboards seems to be going down so slowly, not that this is something I should worry about but it does highlight that -
1.  I have huge stocks of some things
2.  I eat quite simply most days
3.  I really don't need to replace some things as some of them to have been bought 'on a whim' and then never used up or indeed used at all.
I'm really moving towards a simple and more natural way of eating with just having large stocks of dried goods,. rice, pasta, cous cous etc that can be eaten with sauces and homegrown veggies and fruits. 
I am finding that I watch television food adverts with amazement these days as they try to push us towards eating cakes for breakfast (muffins), eating biscuits for breakfast (biscuit bars), instant foods for lunch (just pour on hot water and it's ready)  and I am quite sorrowful, yes really sorrowful, that we seem unable to want to spend more than twenty minutes in the kitchen to make a meal for ourselves or our families.
I think what it is, is that I am falling out with 'fast food', I've decided I like my food slow sometimes and as the world gets faster and faster I am calling time and jumping off the bandwagon..
Sue xx


  1. I share your feelings, though I do enjoy a veggie burger in a bun (cooked at home) when the fancy takes me ;)

    1. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this, I do myself on lots of occasions, I think the problem is that some folk seem to eat this way every day. There was a programme on tv last week and the lady ate at least two takeaway burgers a day and rarely cooked for herself at home!!

  2. my 6 yr old does not like cheese or tomatoes! as I didn't like cheese until my late teens and her father doesn't eat tomatoes she gets away with these dislikes! these dislikes mean she doesn't eat pizza or bolognese sauce, so as most 'fast food' aimed at children seems to contain cheese or tomatoes I have no choice but to have 'slow' food, however as she happily eats a large selection of other foods including many vegetables, rissotto before adding the cheese, pasta with a butter based vege sauce (like primivera, excuse the spelling) as well as 'meat and two veg' when affordable, slow food is not a chore! but a pleasure that she is learning to do with me ;o) so agree that in this fast world, slow food is nice x

  3. Yes, fast food seems to dominate everywhere, I've seen every sort of vegetable offered in supermarkets ready-prepared, even mashed potato. Our High Streets seem full of various fast-food outlets, for example there's 3 Greggs bakers within 100 yards of each other in our town, mostly selling ready-to-eat things, as well as the usual assortment of cafes, chip shops, Chinese, Indian, Kebabs, Subway, Pizzas, etc. And that's only a small town centre.
    Strangely I sometimes think, only 1 butcher and 1 greengrocer.
    Are people losing the ability to prepare and cook things themselves?

  4. Yes, I too like slow food, and am consciously trying to slow down my life, bit by little bit, in general. And I too play food Tetris :D

  5. Like other commenters I have been shocked at the number of fast food outlets in our local small town - two chicken outlets, several asian takeaways, the usual fish and chips, chinese, at least two pizza palaces! And that is in addition to the bakeries. There are three butchers, which is good, I think, but no greengrocer, and fewer of the traditional shops. I am still surprised at people buying ready-made mashed potato but it seems that some people can't be bothered even to make that. It is a shame but it seems reflective of parts of society's need for immediate gratification and the inability to wait for anything - even the time it takes some potatoes to cook....

  6. We also try to avoid convenience foods and prepare our food from scratch with raw ingredients. But some of the convince foods like frozen mash potato and prepared foods mean that the elderly and those with strength, coordination and fatigue issues are able to maintain a more independent lifestyle, including my Grandmother who is in her mid 90's yet lives by her self but has gradually introduced more prepared foods into her life despite being an amazing cook she no longer has the strength to lift pans of water and potato, in fact these days she finds it difficult to even peel the potato let alone mash it.

    1. I totally agree that for those that really need them these sort of prepared foods are a real help, anything to keep your independence is brilliant at any age,

      I just feel a bit sad when you see young families with their trollies piled high with ready made things, because they are paying through the nose for things they could so easily do themselves for pennies, sadly sometimes it is because they simply have not been taught how easy basic cooking is, they are just used to 'packet foods'.


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