Sunday, 9 February 2014


Day  40
Money Spent Today - £0 Vouchers Spent - £0   
Money Spent in Total - £13.34   Vouchers Spent in Total - £5
Emergency £5 Spent on Butter
Money left in purse  - £26.66
I am I the only one that is tempted by bananas when I'm out shopping and then when I get home I don't fancy one anymore.  Maybe the supermarkets do something to us with their tempting large tiered display of these bright yellow fruits.
I watched Food Unwrapped this week and they were talking about bananas, I didn't know that we only eat the one variety (usually) in this country and that they had been bred to be able to travel well and stay green in the right cool conditions until the powers that be want them to go that delectable shade of yellow that tempts me so much.
Well I've found a way of hanging them up at last to stop me having to leave them all lonely in a bowl on the worktop.  I store all my other fruits in the fridge, and anyway bananas should never go in the fruit bowl with other fruits as the gases they give off (the very ones the distributors pump into the ripening rooms to start the ripening process), make your other fruits age too quickly.
I want to try and think of three uses for the two of us to make with my three bananas, to make my 43p investment worth every penny.
Sue xx


  1. Mary Berry's banana loaf! It's gorgeous and can be frozen, I'm no baker but I manage this and love it with a Cup of coffee :)
    Ps it takes 2 bananas :)

  2. Slice a banana and freeze it to make an instant banana ice cream (I add a drop of cream or milk when I blitz it). ......or make banana muffins..... or banana jelly (a bit childish this, I use my grandchildren as an excuse lol)......or sliced in hot custard.....or banana loaf.....or squashed on a slice of toast...... or in a bread and butter pudding. I do like bananas.

  3. Nigella's Go Get Em Smoothie divine! (Express cookbook, recipe here:

    1. Looking forward to seeing what you dream up!

  4. Banana (and chocolate) muffins, banana flapjack (I use black bananas from the freezer for those), banana loaf, in a curry (think there's a recipe on a girlcalledjack?), fried in butter and sugar with eggy bread, squished with rice pudding, used in a crumble with apples....

  5. I think I must be the only person not to like bananas........cant even bear to touch them

  6. Like the squirrel family - just can't do it. Mom said I was horribly sick as a small child when I ate bananas. Can't get past the smell. I've even had friends (thinking it was mental) who tried to 'hide' them in things like chocolate cake, but one taste has me gagging like crazy. Good luck!

  7. My kids get through an insane amount of bananas a week pretty sure when we went shopping last week we bought 25 but you can slice and freeze them really easily if you don't think you will get around to using them. When the little monkeys don't eat them all just as they come out of the bowl we like to make green smoothies, banana bread, banana cake/muffins, peanut butter + banana sandwiches (or my favourite peanut butter + nutella + banana lol) or have it chopped up with a teaspoon of vanilla and cinnamon over porridge. Banana and custard is yummy too or this -

  8. Banana bread, as many have already mentioned (or do like I did, use baking powder instead of baking soda by accident and just call it banana cake - I use smittenkitchen's recipe (, minus the whiskey). I also recently heard about fake pancakes (see for the recipe) and can't wait to get my hands on some bananas to try that out.


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