Thursday, 16 January 2014

Working My Way Through the Fridge

Money Spent - £0     Money left in purse £16
As I mentioned in the 'Fridge' post the other day there was a full tub of double cream left in there from Christmas.  It was just one day out of date, but smelt and tasted absolutely fine, but it needed using up now not wasting.  So I put my thinking cap on ... and thought ......Icecream!!
 I got out a couple of my favourite books, one real and one on the Kindle and both by a Blogging Buddy, Suzy Bowler.  She really is the 'Leftovers Queen'.
The one on the Kindle is all about how to make icecream without a machine, and as I don't have one is perfect for me.  The other is my leftovers bible.  If I have something to use up, a quick glance in there either tells me exactly what to do or gives me inspiration.  (I've put links to both on my sidebar, I want to build up a list of the most useful books for me to use during this Challenge and this reminds me that I actually have them.)

I fancied the Maple Syrup icecream as I had all the necessary things, well except Maple Syrup but I seem to have masses of ordinary syrup so that needs using.  Grabbing the little bit of fudge that was left and the Maltesers box that was taking up so much space in the fridge but in reality had hardly any left in it and the condensed milk from the cupboard (I had bought this in error ages ago as it was mixed up on the supermarket shelves with the similar design tins of toffee that I use for my cheats Banoffee Pie).

It was a simple job to whip up the cream, fold in the condensed milk and then the syrup and then split unto two icecream tubs.  Into one half I put the chopped up Cranberry Fudge and into the other half the crushed Maltesers.  As you can see I got two tubs with almost 500g in each.
Just under a kilo of bargain icecream then.

It's now been labelled and is tucked in the freezer waiting for one of those 'I must have icecream moments'.

Of course all this left me with just under half a tin of condensed milk, I never know what to do with this so I read the side of the tin ... there was a recipe for Chocolate Fudge.  Looking for more ideas I dipped again into Suzy's book ....

... and there was a similar recipe for Chocolate Fudge and it was an even easier one.  I took this as fate telling me I must make fudge ;-)

So fudge it was!!
Now I don't have a very sweet tooth so I wanted to take the overly sweet edge off this, I went back to the cupboard for more inspiration and found a quarter of a tin of roasted salted nuts (Lovely Hubby's from Christmas)  I pinched just enough so when he goes to the tin it looks as though there is still enough left to nibble on, but enough that when crushed up they would cover the top of my now setting fudge.
It worked a treat.  As you can see I did it in a one pound loaf tin as I was only using a half of the stated recipe and I wanted a little bit of depth to my fudge.  It took ages to set in the fridge, after one night it was firm enough to take out of the tin open out the paper and slice into lengths, but it was still a bit sticky, so I left it in the fridge in the lengths on the paper on a plate overnight again and then yesterday sliced the lengths into cubes.
It tastes gorgeous, it is very rich and would be wonderful as a sweet nibble after a dinner party, or maybe just as I had it last night with a glass of wine and with the Great British Bake Off Sport Relief thingy on television.
*** *** ***
In amongst the comments yesterday was this one from Steve -
Wow!, Good luck with your Mission!

I've been doing something similar in January in an attempt to raise funds for the Trussell Trust - living off a pound a day. I'm doing this slightly differently, as all my shops are from Aldi, and I started with a bare cupboard - so no salt, sugar, oil etc - also I cannot accept free food or drink. It's part of a personal mission for me to reconnect with the value of food, and to cut out snacking on rubbish between meals.

So far I'm 15 days into my challenge, and have raised £210 for the charity in question. If I may be cheeky - any help you can give in mentioning my blog, or just giving page before the end of January would really really help me get to my target:

Tonight, I'm hoping to make oat flatbread from some porridge oats I have in order to make my budget last longer. I'm looking forward to february so I can start eating the homemade jams my wife made with fruit from our allotment.

I've added a link to his Blog on to my sidebar in the 'Inspirational Blogs column 'One Pound a Day Diet January 2014', so you can nip over and follow his progress. I read his Blog from the beginning last night and I must say I'm impressed with his progress so far.
See what you think.
Sue xx


  1. Sue,

    Thank you so much for the mention in your post today - it really is much appreciated. Your email yesterday was also very kind.

    Being new to porridge, I also appreciated your porridge preparation suggestion last evening ( leaving the oats to soak overnight ) - I gave it a go this morning, and the porridge was a lot more creamy, and also a lot more convenient!

    Your blog today has made my mouth water - home made fudge and ice cream - looks delicious! I love the fact that you decided to have a go without buying an ice-cream maker - so many people would use a desire to make home made ice cream as an excuse for a shopping trip! I wonder how many 1 use ice-cream makers are sitting under peoples sinks, never to be used again?

    I'll be sure to link back when I blog later. I don't have a sidebar yet to return the permanent link yet as I'm handcoding all my blog in html on a daily basis. But it is something I will look into!


    1. It's surprising how just being able to just take a dish of soaked oats out of the fridge makes breakfast seems so much quicker isn't it, so even without money you can still have convenience.

      Glad to give you a mention and no worries about not returning the 'link' favour, I'm just happy to get you some more readers and hopefully a couple of donations for your very worthwhile cause.

      All the best.
      Sue xx

    2. Hello, another great post and I look forward to reading Steve's later too.

      I was showing your challenge to my husband and he couldn't believe you were doing it. We've found it tricky getting by on a lot more, but you've got so many great ideas.

      About ice cream makers - definitely not worth the outlay. I used to have one and the motor and beaters just couldn't cope with the density of the freezing ice cream. Notice how often the industrial ones fail on Masterchef too! I don't know if anyone has found a good one? Elbow grease seems to do a better job.

  2. You are doing such an amazing job of using up all of the food that you already have at home, with delicious looking (and delicious tasting, I'm sure!) results! That is so fantastic that you have accumulated £16!

    I'll check out Steve's website....seems like a wonderful cause.

  3. Both of the leftover dishes you made look delicious! You would never guess they were made with odds and ends from the stores :) I'll be sure to check out that blog.


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