Wednesday, 29 January 2014

To Eat or Not to Eat ...

Day 29
Money Spent Today - £0  Vouchers Spent - £0   
Money Spent in Total - £9.96    Vouchers Spent in Total - £5
Money left in purse  - £19.04
I usually find that I'm not all that hungry in the mornings, after cleaning my teeth and swigging a glass of water it's all systems go to feed everyone else, Ginger the cat, the three dogs, then it's off out to let the chickens out of the henhouse and checking they've got food, a brisk walk around the paddock for any dog that has followed me out, although these dark winter mornings have them refusing to get out of bed sometimes.  By the time I get back in the house food is the last thing on my mind.
Now there are two schools of thought about breakfast, some say it's a must, and in all honesty I was one of them until recently), if you're on a diet 'they' say you should make sure you have a good breakfast to fire up your metabolism for the day ahead.  Then others say that if you've not eaten overnight and your body has been busy repairing itself instead of digesting food why not give it a bit more time to continue to do this.
I must say I am swinging to the latter argument more and more.  I eat now when I am hungry, being on my own some of the time makes this even easier to do.  After all listening to your body and responding to it's needs is surely the most logical thing to do.  I can understand that there may be exceptions, I watched Supersize v Superskinny the other week and it struck me that the 'skinnies' always say they never feel hungry, so maybe if you ignore the 'hungry' signals from your brain for too long it will stop sending them.  Now this is something I definitely do not want (although the thought of being skinny and having to fatten myself up would be a dream come true at the moment).  But, NO ... don't worry Mum, I am not about to embark on this type of eating/not eating. 
No I just have my sensible head on at the moment and I want to find the foods that suit me and the times to eat that suit me best.  So at the moment some days I wake up with a rumbly tum and have something within an hour and some days I simply don't feel hungry at all so a cup of coffee keeps me going until much later in the morning.
And looking at that top picture ... crunchy peanut butter on toast, amazes me I used to hate, hate, hate, crunchy peanut butter until I did Live Below the Line for the second time and gritted my teeth and bought it as I couldn't afford the smooth version for the five days of the Challenge ... wouldn't you think it would be cheaper to make the smoother stuff?  Last year when I was asked what I would buy for Live Below the Line if I were to do it again peanut butter was again on my list as it's a brilliant source of protein and important fats.

I wonder if I should do it again this year?

Although this Challenge is about eating for £1 a day I started off with full to bursting cupboards and plenty of food in the freezer to give me a big head start, not something you can do with LBTL week or indeed not what Steve with his One Pound a Day Diet did.  Why not click on the link and nip over to cheer him on in what is his last few days. 

He's done so well  :-)

Sue xx


  1. We hardly ever have breakfast but if we do its a mid morning slice of toast with a coffee. The only time I feel really hungry is if Im dieting and then I never miss a meal as Im always starving by the time it comes round. Crunchy peanut butter v smooth.....crunchy every time!
    Enjoy your day x

  2. A lot of the "skinnies" don't feel hungry for regular food because they're substituting it for caffeine, sugar or tobacco. Just something to bear in mind :) I've been following Steve ever since I saw the link on this blog. I think he's done amazing on his challenge, much better than I ever did!

  3. Thanks for the message Sue - it really lifted my spirits when I read it - only six meals left for me now, but I'll be sure to continue reading about your challenge over the rest of the year - it's an inspiring read!

    thedomesticstoryteller - that's quite a blog you have there. Thanks for the compliment wrt my progress.


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