Tuesday, 14 January 2014

There's Food Lurking Everywhere ....

Money Spent - £0     Money left in purse £14
I've photographed the cupboards, then the freezers, yesterday the fridge came under scrutiny and then looking around the kitchen highlighted just how much food there actually is in our kitchen.  This basket contains the foods that came in the Fortnum and Mason hamper we got at Christmas.  Only the champagne has gone.
Next to the Aga on the shelves there are the last of the biscuits mixes I got from Approved Foods, they make gorgeous biscuits but do need using up soon as they are way past their sell by date, not that that will be a hardship :-).
There's the dried herbs on their little rack, not really a food, but they do make the plainest of foods into a delicious meal and next them a tin of Amoretti biscuits not even opened yet, that'll be a nice treat soon.  There's only a couple of the mini breadsticks left in the tube though so that's not very exciting.
Over behind the slumbering Pug on top of the radiator cover is the stock of dried foods.  Rice, pasta, cous cous, lentils etc Above them on the little shelves are some smaller jars of things and my collection of spices.  I must have just about everything I need to rustle up any sort of meal.

And then lurking in a box are things that I couldn't fit into the cupboards when I was first organising them.  I guess most could be fitted in now so I may have a little re-jig in a few days time.

Over in the conservatory is what looks like a lot of bread ....

... in fact only one of my collection of bread bins contains food for us, my bread making supplies.  The rest contain animal foodstuffs.  The blue one Corn for the chickens, the silver one the dogs dried food and the cream coloured one the dogs bags of treats and some chews.

I thought that was it and then I spotted this ....

... it was a pressie for Lovely Hubby at Christmas, so not a food for me but still a food stuff lurking on the worktop.
Well that's it as far as I know there is nothing in the house that has now not been documented for this Blog.
So it's onwards and upwards in seeing how long we can make it last.
Sue xx


  1. You're doing so well Sue, like you I seem to have food lurking everywhere. I'm really really trying to keep my food bill down this month, so far so good. Keep up the inspiring work! Nicola x

  2. You have soooo much food everywhere Sue! I think this challenge is going to be really excitable and doable! How are you getting on with things like milk?

    Sft x

  3. It is amazing just how much food we have lying around. Even in the motorhome I have enough space in the fridge/ice box for at least a week of meat and fresh food. The cupboards allow us to keep a good stock of staples such as rice, pasta, tea, coffee herbs, sauces, flour, sugar,breakfast cereals, dried fruit etc (and a surprising amount of variety too) I have really adapted to the way of buying basic ingredients and preparing and cooking it all in different ways. I think you will be able to keep going for quite a while on the food you have, but it will still be a challenge for you. p.s. don't know about you, but we buy longlife milk although only max of 6 litres at a time due to our storage restrictions.

  4. That little lot will keep you going for awhile Sue :) Even though I have one cupboard, I still find items on occasions that I forgot I had!


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