Monday, 13 January 2014

The Fridge

Money Spent Today - £0     Money left in purse £13

The other half of the gorgeousness that is my lovely American style fridge/freezer pictured on Saturday is the fridge, now our fridge is usually the fullest part of the food storage, which I guess is the main reason the cupboards are always so slow to empty when I start on any 'eat from the fridge and the cupboard' challenge.  We tend to buy and eat mostly fresh foods, except of course when it's the growing season and we have our meals straight from the veggie patch and the fridge just then contains the cheeses, creams and opened jars of sauces to go with them.  But in any case it usually has a quick turnaround of foods and is the only thing that gets re-stocked on a regular basis.
Of course for Christmas week it was fuller than usual, we had my lovely Mum and brother round for a buffet lunch on Christmas Day and we bought ourselves extra treats partly for Christmas and partly just so we could sit and take a breath after the manic moving in day on the 21st December .... who moves just before Christmas ... yep .. we do .... every time!! It being fuller has meant that the contents have lasted me well. 
As you can see there were (until a couple of days ago) some Ferrero Roche in a little bowl, there were a couple of large tubs of cream, half a shelf full of cheese (and that's after me portioning and freezing most of the Stilton), a box of fudge and a whole row of Lovely Hubby's Christmas beers .... his sister definitely knows the way to my man's heart!!
This morning it looks slightly different, there is about a quarter of the fudge left, only a couple of the beers, one tub of cream (out of date by one day), most of the cheese and a few bits and bobs.  So today I am challenging myself to make good use of what's in there by making things for longer term storage, I do NOT want to waste any of that cream.  I will photograph the fridge again just before I start and then at the end of today.  We'll see just what I can make from what I have.
I am still in the very good position of not having spent a single penny on food, so I now have a total of thirteen pounds in my purse.  If I can hold out until the end of the week it will put me in a very good position of being able to have a restock of any fresh things we need all in one go.
Now I'm off to raid the fridge .... wish me luck.
Sue xx


  1. Looking forward to seeing what you can do :)

  2. Hello, just started following you. Loving your blog so far! Very resourceful!

  3. Good luck, Sue - you are doing very well so far ! :o)

  4. I think we should all do this Sue, it's a brilliant idea! I wonder how long it will be before you have to buy something.

    You're amazing!

    Sft x


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