Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Freezers

Money Spent Today - £0     Money left in purse £11
After yesterdays post all about the contents of the cupboards I thought I would continue around the food storage areas recording exactly what I have in stock in total, I thought it would be a good thing to have recorded right at the beginning of the Challenge.  So today it is the turn of the freezers.
As usual we've got two freezers in action, there's the upright half of the fridge/freezer in the kitchen ...
which currently holds a bit of a mish mash of things.
 I need to have a good re-organisation of them both I think.  The tubs of soup have been added to this one since the photo was taken, so it looks a smidge fuller now.
We also have the chest freezer in the conservatory, which holds big packs of things, things I have bought on offer and portioned up in tubs to be eaten individually, which is mostly the meat for Lovely Hubby,.  I NEVER just put a pack of chops or sausages into the freezer they are always open frozen and then transferred to tubs, it saves any food wastage.

There is also our home grown products brought from the last place ...

... and my invaluable stash of Veg Hash and our favourite butter, always bought in bulk when it's on special offer.
I'm hoping to have a bread making session, another soup making session and a scone making session to have some more things ready to eat and safely tucked away for emergencies or lazy days.  I do like to keep my freezers as full as possible as they are much more economical to run that way.
Sue xx


  1. Oh Sue, how I envy you your freezer, I do so miss the one I had in the hall at the apartment. I have a fridge freezer in the kitchen, the freezer space is very small, just 3 drawers. Actually to be truthful I hate my fridge freezer, My other one went bang and I needed one in a hurry and was persuaded to buy the hotpoint I have now, its been a pain in the butt ever since I bought it. My son had the freezer from the hall as we just did not have room for it here, we downsized to a smaller house, the apartment was enormous and when we came down to look for a place this was the best of a bad bunch. We no longer have room to grow veg, and I am not going down the allotment route. So we are growing what we can in the beds between the flowers and on the patio in tubs

    I am envious of your food storage too, the kitchen is minscule, I had to get a dresser to take the china etc in the dining room. Fitting everything in has been a nightmare. AF deliveries are very much on the back burner until I have managed to free up more space. I did get rid of a lot of stuff through freecycle, what I have left is really stuff like crystal glass ware which I use on a daily basis. My thinking is if you have got it either use it or pass it on, so I also junked some stainless steel cutlery and started to use the silver that had been sitting in its case for 10 years.

  2. I am really enjoying your new blog Sue, thank you so much for sharing this.
    I look forward to your posts on both of your blogs.
    Pam in TX.xx

  3. Your new blog has inspired me. I have just been and chopped 3 bags of tomatoes that were too squishy to eat and were given to me by a market friend and I have popped them in the oven with some garlic, olive oil a knob of butter and some sea salt and I will use them to make some soup or maybe some tomato sauce. I was just going to give them to the chickens cos they love tomatoes but now I will have some lovely soup to start filling up my freezer. Loving the new blog :-) Kay x

  4. I love your new blog too Sue - very inspiring!


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