Friday, 10 January 2014

The Food Cupboards

Money Spent Today - £0     Money left in purse £10
I thought I would photograph the food in the cupboards and show you why I have been able to make it to Day 10 without spending a penny on food up to now.  I also wanted the photographs for comparison sake for further down the line when hopefully they will be emptier and more logically laid out.
With the foods left over from Christmas ...

 and the contents of these cupboards ...
I should be able to last for ages.

The drinks cupboard and a few potatoes and onions in the hessian bag.

The larder cupboard in the conservatory has lots of food in jars that used to live on the shelves at our old place ...
... and lurking in the 'jugs and bowls' cupboard I found two jars of mayonnaise and a pack of shop bought meringues.
I thought I'd finished and then looking at the photos already downloaded onto here I realised I had missed a whole other cupboard from the list, so I went back down to get this one ...

... and got photo bombed by three unruly canines who were wondering what Mum was doing opening cupboards and then stepping back.
So as you can see there really is no need to go shopping for staples for quite a while, although fresh foods are really starting to dwindle.  I'll photograph the freezers today and assess how many bags of veggies I have in stock to see me through running out of fresh veggies. 
All I can say is roll on growing season and being able to get back into action with the homegrown fruit and veggies :-)

Sue xx


  1. I've just caught up on reading the posts from this your new blog Sue and I'm loving it. Thanks for the link. I'll add it to my favourites and read it daily now. Lots of lovely waste preventing ideas as always.

    1. Nice to have you reading :-)

      Hopefully blogging regularly will keep me on track.

  2. That is amazing Sue, but like you say, you have good stocks in the house. Do you miss not going out to the shops though? My current workplace has just moved offices and I am travelling by train now, and do not pass food shops. This means that I cannot just 'pop' in so have missed out on some 'bargains' but also I have saved a lot on my food budget for the weekend. I could get used to doing it this way, but it does take a little adjustment. Well done you.

    1. I do miss going out to the shops, but it is a good drive away so a trip to the shops takes a morning or afternoon completely out of my day, I get so much more done by staying at home and there is no temptation this way. Hopefully we will get permission for the polytunnel to go up soon and I will be even busier and even less likely to be tempted to shop..

  3. Wow Sue, you've definitely got very healthy looking cupboards. I only have one half of a cupboard like that, but there is only me using it :) I'm really enjoying reading your new blog, keep up the great posts :)

  4. Wow Sue, my entire food stock (apart from freezer) would fit in your first cupboard!


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