Monday, 20 January 2014

Salvaging Disasters

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I have to be honest this Blog post should have been topped with a picture of a lovely homemade loaf !!
I had the bright idea to sieve the brown flour as I was flouring the tin and the worktop before the final little kneading session, a truly frugal topping for a loaf, no added seeds or oats needed just something that is already in the flour.
I made the loaf, left it for it's second rise, it looked magnificent as it went in the oven thirty minutes later topped with a brushing of milk and the scattering of wheaty flakes.  I set the timer for ten minutes so I could return to the oven and slide in the cold shelf  (the only way of reducing the temperature in an Aga).  Cold shelf in I reset the timer for another 20 minutes and then went out to do the chickens.  I must have got distracted or simply taken too long to do what is normally a 15 minute job ....  I'm guessing the timer rang out to an empty house.
When I came in my little hands were freezing so I made a coffee and came upstairs to do a bit of Blog hopping with my mug of coffee clutched between rapidly thawing fingers, now any Blog Hopper knows that you can lose all track of time travelling your way through Blogland.  I don't know what it was I read but suddenly in giant letters in my head was the word BREAD.  Virtually flying downstairs I ran to the AGA and pulled out what can only be described as a bread shaped brick.
Lovely Hubby said if I made a couple thousand more he would build us an outhouse that would also be wildlife friendly as the little birds could eat it over next Winter - NOT HELPFUL ... tell me again why I call you Lovely Hubby!!
After ten minutes cooling I sliced off the crust and attempted to eat it, not wanting a huge dentist bill I gave up!!
So to salvage the loaf.  I sliced off four slices, trimmed off the edges and we had enough for toast with our eggs for lunch.  I then sliced off all the other edges, these went in the chicken bowl for the next days treat for them. (I must be a really nice person giving them treats when they caused me to miss the timer!!)

The hunk of bread was broken up, whizzed in the food processor and I now have a tub of free flowing breadcrumbs in the freezer ..... the next job was to start all over again and make us a loaf of bread that we could actually eat.
Oh, well, I least I got something out of all my hard work.  Now next time there is leftover pasta I can have a crunchy topped Macaroni Cheese the next day, or maybe I could make some crumb coated veggie burgers I guess my options are many.  So all's well that ends well :-)
Sue xx


  1. The last time I overbaked a loaf (and I'm pretty sure there will be a next time, too :) I sliced and cubed the loaf for french toast and bread puddings. Like your bread crumbs there are almost always alternatives! Well except for the time I put bread to raise in the coldroom overnight and forgot it the next day )or two( totally flat and didn't even bake up a good flat bread!-D

  2. Well saved there ! It's gutting though when all your hard work goes up in flames.... Metaphorically at least - but hey, breadcrumbs are cool :o)

  3. Oh bum, we have all done this at times, although mine would not be with bread or the fault of chickens - usually the internet!! Well salvaged though, I think it is a good job you don't have a swear box, although I bet it would be a bit fuller today!!

  4. Thanks for sharing your disasters and how you made the best of them. It helps make me feel normal lol!

  5. I love when others share their disasters - I have too many to mention. i've often got a good stock of breadcrumbs in for when it's Christmas pudding and stuffing season :-)


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