Sunday, 19 January 2014

Posh Foods on a Miniscule Budget

Money Spent Today - 0    Money Spent in Total - £1.50    Money left in purse  - £17.50
Posh Foods on a Miniscule Budget ... I may have got you over here on a misconception, can you have posh foods on a miniscule budget?
Well I didn't get the above packs of coffee for my Tassimo coffee machine on my £1 a day budget that's for sure.  The coffee machine was a Christmas/Housewarming gift from my very lovely Mum, and along with it came the offer of registering the machine and being able to claim £20 worth of packs of coffee, which we did and this is what we got.  Now I love the coffee but these are going to have to last us until at least my birthday when I may ask for some more as a pressie, or maybe I can persuade my Lovely Hubby that a suitably romantic gift for Valentines Day would not be a dozen red roses or a large box of chocolates but a dozen cups of Latte instead ... we'll see.

Something else which I see as slightly posh food (mostly I guess because of the cute little individually wrapped packs, with 2 biscuits per pack) are these tasty little treats that I have been buying for a while to go with the coffees we buy when we are travelling.  It's surprising just knowing that you have a little dunkable nibble in your bag stops you from drooling all over the expensive £2 or more each cakes on show at the coffee shops.  They are small enough to pull out of your handbag without alerting everyone to the fact that shock, horror, you've brought your own food to consume in their premises!!
If I've spent money on their coffee I feel entitled to at least have my own little nibble!!
I've a few little packs lurking in the bottom of the biscuits tin and one unopened packet of 12 in the cupboard so this will give me time to consider ... do I buy them again or do I learn to live without.  When you've a pound to spend you have to think carefully.  These packs cost me a just a pound and that works out at just over 8p for each little pack of 2 biscuits, but do I want to spend the whole of a days money on them ?
(Coffees that I drink out of the house as a treat must come out of my personal spends and are therefore outside the remit of the Challenge, I guess I could buy cakes at the same time, but I'm a skinflint ... no I'm not ... I'm sensible.)
And to answer the question posed at the top of this Blog post, do I think you can have 'posh foods' on a miniscule budget ... well I think the answer to that is yes.  You can make the very best of what you have, you can eat the freshest of fresh foods straight out of the ground that you have grown yourself. 
Picture from Google Images
 Just think about it spears of asparagus to dip in a freshly boiled egg laid by your own chickens only hours earlier, this was something I saw served at a dinner party on a foodie television show (I forget which one ... I watch a lot) as a novel starter,  the look of delight on the diners faces belied that this could be the truest and best of frugal foods if eaten in season or bought as a bargain.
Now I just have to start an asparagus bed (something LH has wanted for years but because you have to wait three years for your first proper harvest it's something we have never been able to do) and have a word with the chickens.  In the meantime I could always keep my eyes peeled for some being sold off  'yellow stickered' at the end of the day at the supermarket.
Sue xx


  1. Hi Sue, love both your blogs but this one is really inspirational and loving the new challenge!
    How can eggs and asparagus not be frugal food, posh food neednt have a posh price tag!
    But..... I have to ask, what do you and LH do about milk? Is it not included in the challenge or do you have a stash of long life or powdered? Sorry if its a bit rude but im really curious lol
    Kay xx

    1. Not rude at all ... I think someone has asked this question before and I forgot to answer..... sorry!!

      I don't have milk, well virtually never, maybe the occasional bowl of cereal if we have any in, but I drink my coffee black and don't drink tea at all (it makes me really ill). LH does have milk in his drinks so we have always kept a reasonable supply in the freezer since as it's something I don't have it's something I forget to buy!!

      Before Christmas I bought 4 one pint bottles of milk and popped them all in the freezer (they thaw out quicker than the large 4 pinters). My plan was that once into the challenge I could buy a 4 or 6 pint bottle of milk from the supermarket, these are much cheaper than buying small ones, and decant the milk into the pint bottles and then freeze them. This should hopefully keep our milk costs down to less than £2 a month.

  2. Keep buying your biscuits Sue! Goodness me you drive long distances and need a little substance to keep you going :)
    Just in case this helps, I have a good friend who drinks the same lovely coffee as you do, - he buys his coffees in bulk from Amazon and they work out much cheaper apparently......

    Have a lovely weekend both of you, it's lovely and sunny down here today, hope it is there:)

  3. We reckon that you know when you are an OAP when you take your own thermos with you when you go out in the car! We take old faithful with ready made coffee in it, stop at the services and then bring out the flask in the car park. It amazing how many folk you look at you with envy when they realise that you have the coffee you prefer, and it has not cost you!

  4. Oh I forgot - an interesting blog is The Green Hedonist - where she talks about enjoying "posh" things whilst being frugal.

  5. Buy the biscuits if they are a is not something you scoff down everyday! I always am amazed at "city" people who tell me they don't want to eat my fresh eggs because they just don't want to tjink of them coming fro a hen's bum, when they see them in the nest box, but will happily pay a fortune for organic, free range eggs in a shop because they are in a box (and who knows how old..) my father knew all of the places where wild asparagus grew when we were young, and often brought it home for dinner, but all of those old places have probably been turned into houding estates....

  6. Nothing like a fresh egg .. my Girls are gearing up ... I gave them kale for lunch ... I want nice iron rich eggs!
    I managed to find some asparagus crowns that could be grown in containers .... I really haven't the space for a bed .. so I have some in an old tin bath ... I'm hoping they will come to something.

    1. I always think the eggs taste so much richer after the chickens have eaten Kale or Spinach, and they are so much better for you, I can't wait to get some veggie beds established again for us AND the chickens. I'm almost at the point of having a herb bed ready :-)

  7. You know what? Fab idea!

    My advice with re-using milk cartons though is to use a sterilising solution first on them. I tried to economise using milk refills but thought I would re-use the cartons rather than buy the special jugs. Unfortunately if there is any bacteria left in your carton it sours the new milk rather quickly.


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