Tuesday, 21 January 2014

One for Me, Two for the Freezer

Money Spent Today - 0    Money Spent in Total - £1.50    Money left in purse  - £19.50

The other night we decided to have a curry, and rooting around in the freezer, the fridge and the cupboard produced all the necessary ingredients with absolutely no problem, in fact it highlighted that I have the makings of many a curry in the weeks or months to come.  How many jars of Approved Foods curries did I buy  ... but at 3 for £1 I guess it was a good investment !!
To the jars of sauce I added some veggies from the freezer, I think frozen peppers are going to be a staple in this house for a while they are SO much cheaper than buying the packs of fresh peppers.  Hopefully if I can get the polytunnel up in the next couple of months I will be able to grow some for myself, I used to do quite well with them.  I also added the last of a jar of Lentils to make the curries even more filling and protein packed, it worked a treat and also helped thicken them up as I had added more water after rinsing the jars.

The small pan at the back is a chicken curry for Lovely Hubby and the pan at the front is holding enough for me for tea that night and then two more portions for popping into the freezer.
It was very tasty, blow yours socks off hot, but very tasty.
And now the fridge is a desolate place, with little left in there to produce a meal and I'm craving something really fresh ...
... the last of the fresh  things were pulled out this morning and I will turn them into something edible and useful.  I say 'fresh' in the broadest sense of the word, they were all bought before Christmas and I'm ashamed to say the fruit got totally forgotten about.   We keep forgetting that this fridge has the lower drawer so whatever we put into it gets forgotten about.
I need to think about what I want and spend wisely, although I have a plan that involves as little cash as possible.
Sue xx


  1. I made a chili con carne for dinner last night. I had 2 soft, wrinkled green peppers in the fridge. I would normally I tossed them out, but thanks to you, washed them, diced and sliced them, and froze what didn't go into the chili....

  2. I will put almost anything into a curry now, even if it is soft, wrinkled or even slightly green round the edges!! I have also started adding lentils to our curries, with the 'little' additions it made an extra portion for the ice box.

  3. Gorgeous curry. You are doing so well with this challenge. Very inspiring.

  4. Your curry looks fantastic and I admire your tidy fridge!


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