Monday, 6 January 2014

No Wastage

Money Spent Today - £0     Money left in purse £6.
I think something I really need to keep an eye on this year is wastage, well I mean on £1 a day there really is no leeway to be throwing any food away is there. 
And it was with this in mind that I went through the fridge yesterday checking the dates on foods left over from Christmas.  There was a half round of Stilton and a couple of other cheeses, so the packs were double wrapped and the Stilton was cut into treat sized wedges for Lovely Hubby to have with a glass of Port when the urge overcomes him (a frequent occurrence) and then all placed into a labelled box in the freezer.

As you can see there were lots of sticky Stilton crumbs left on the board, so (after slapping my man's hand away from pinching too many of them) I decided to use them in a quiche, now I really don't like Stilton on it's own but in a quiche I find it gives a lovely rich and rounded flavour .... in moderation!! 
I had some parmesan style cheese and cheddar both grated in boxes in the fridge, some leftover roast vegetables from the night before and a couple of just laid eggs, with a dash of milk from the bottle it all added together to makes a very good filling for a ready made pastry case I had in the cupboard.

We ate a third each with some boiled potatoes and peas, and the cooking water from both was saved to make the basis of a soup tomorrow.  I have brought a bucket full of leeks from our old place and tomorrow they will be turned into a few tubs of leek and potato soup and stashed in the freezer for the leaner times ahead.

A good tea and all from things we already had in store.

The leftover potatoes will be added to the soup and the left over slices of quiche gave us a nice savoury snack today .... as the heading says  .... No Wastage.
Sue xx


  1. You seem brimming with ideas Sue!

    You are doing so well with this challenge.

    Sft x


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