Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Making the Most of Everything

Money Spent Today - £0     Money left in purse £7
Even though I don't eat meat and it's not actually in the Challenge (any meat I buy will obviously only be consumed by Lovely Hubby or visitors so it was decided in the rules that it would not have to be bought out of the £1 per day allowed) I am still making the most of what we have in store and what I buy.

I found an opened pack of ham in the fridge and as it would have gone out of date before weekend I decided to freeze it, first I split what was left in the pack into two, four slices in each piece of EasyLeave so there is enough in each  pack to make LH a couple of nice meaty buns or a single sandwich and a slice or two to add cut up to a quiche or pie.  Much better than leaving it all to go out of date or feeding it to the dogs.

There was also a large pack of cocktail sausages, far too many left in there to simply give the dogs or for LH to eat all at once.

So these were laid out in a single layer and open frozen, they only took an hour or so to freeze enough for me to be able to box them up and have them nicely free flowing so we can get them out a couple at a time to add to a cooked breakfast or a pasta dish.
Then I sat with a cup of coffee and a couple of slices of one of the last of the bought loaves in the freezer.  I'll be making ALL my own bread soon, there's still some bread rolls and another sliced loaf in the freezer available to use in emergencies.  But I think I may get ahead of myself and have a bit of a breadmaking day and have a few in the freezer.
Sue xx


  1. Thoroughly enjoying your new blog! Easy not tomspend right now, as I have been home with bronchitis...but I am definitely up for your challenge. The freezer and pantry are full, so it is mostly fruitvand veg. We don't get the drastic reductions here in the US like you do in the UK. I was in the grocery store last month with my son, in Sainsbury's) and saw the reduced prices..here, the shops seem to simply toss the food into the bin....what a waste...
    Bitter cold here...about -26C withbwind chill....so I will be in ...

  2. Your resistance against waste is very inspirational. I too am making the most of what I've got at the moment, and I'm finding pleasure doing it :)

  3. I'm in Colorado, and here we have a community pantry to help those who don't always have enough. Our local grocery donates most all the 'about to expire' goods to the cause, so there are no super bargains. That's alright, many of us are rich by comparison. Even in my poorest days I managed, without help, but not everyone can!

  4. I am loving this new blog Sue, it will keep me on the straight and narrow if I follow your example and get back to basics. X

  5. This is great, using up and looking after the food you have to make it last longer.
    I will be following this blog as although I think I am quite good at not wasting food, I know I can do better x


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