Wednesday, 8 January 2014

It Started With a Carrot

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It started with a carrot ... a very mouldy one at that, I was loath to throw it away (even the chickens don't like carrots that much) so I put my thinking cap on ....

... and remembered the bucket of leeks picked hastily just before we left our last place and now lying still in the bucket in the wet, windy weather outside the conservatory door.

After lots of trimming and chopping I was left with a  sink full of lovely leeks.
Now if you want food cheap there is always lots more prep to do and I'm one of those gardeners who virtually always wears gloves outdoors and even indoors the feel of soil under my nails is horrible so rubber gloves were the order of the day for all the chopping and washing.

Once the carrot had been peeled, washed, left soaking in salted water with the leeks for while and then lightly peeled again, it was good to go.

I chopped it up, tasted it and it was fine, a little more chewy than usual perhaps and there wasn't much of a 'crunch' but it tasted good ... just like a carrot really :-)

I added it to everything else in the pan, a single tub of veg hash and leeks ...
... a scoopful of bouillon mix and a couple of litres of boiling water and after two hours in the bottom oven of the Aga ...

... there was a huge pan of virtually free soup.
I had a big bowlful with a slice of homemade bread for my dinner as soon as it was ready and the rest has been whizzed up to make a smooth soup and stacked neatly in two portion sized plastic boxes in the freezer.  So a total of  fourteen portions of soup are now tucked up in the freezer.
And it all started with a mouldy carrot!!
Sue xx


  1. Well that's fantabulous. Excellent resourcefulness.

  2. Oh if only I had known - I have a softening piece of swede you could have added to that!!

  3. That sound looks delicious - even better that it was 'free' x

  4. Hi sue, Im loving this new challenge , I m learning lots too. How long will soup keep in the freezer?I find I always have some leftover when making a batch and have some stored in the freezer, I just wodered how long would be safe :) x

    1. Most soup will keep in the freezer indefinitely. I've used soup that has been in there for well over a year. Some may deteriorate slightly in flavour but you can always tinker with adding extra flavourings when warming it up.

      Experimentation is the best bet, and rotate the things that you do have in storage, use up the oldest first and every now and then have a 'living from the freezer' week and empty it completely having all the contents for meals that week ready for a refilling session.

  5. This is a great frugal food blog post Sue! X

  6. The soup looks nice - I had that bouillon from Approved Foods! Got leeks in the garden too so I must get on with some soup making.

    This is the first time I have read your blog properly and it's great! Not sure I could manage on your budget but money might have to stretch a lot so I will follow what you do with interest



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