Thursday, 30 January 2014

Harcombe Phase One Week and the Salmon Fillets

Day 30
Money Spent Today - £0  Vouchers Spent - £0   
Money Spent in Total - £9.96    Vouchers Spent in Total - £5
Money left in purse  - £20.04
This week I'm doing Phase One of the Harcombe diet for five days.  This is something I do pretty regularly to get me back on track when I'm starting to feel a bit bleugh .... I'm sure you know what I mean.
Eating cheaply can sometimes mean eating too many carbs, which don't suit me that well, so an occasional foray into tasty, simple and none carby foods is called for.  This was the reason for me splashing out £2.80 on just two salmon fillets when they were on offer.  We do already have some in the freezer but seeing the 'bargain' fillets tempted me too much :-)

They made for a nice tea two nights on the trot ....
.... similar ingredients but they tasted totally different. 
 The meal in the top picture had a real hit with the chilli flakes and the red onions, which were cooked with the salmon, while the meal in the bottom picture let the taste of the salmon sing out, mild and flavoursome with the brown rice adding a lovely hint of nuttiness to the whole dish.
Doing Phase One for me is slightly limiting as I don't eat meat, this is the reason I introduce fish back into my diet on occasion.  But having an abundant supply of our own eggs makes life a lot easier and stops me having to dash out and buy any extra foods when I do this.
Tea today will be a salad to use up the last of the Iceberg lettuce and cucumber that I bought last week, it's sitting pretty in the fridge at the moment, served with a couple of hard boiled eggs it will be healthy and filling.

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