Friday, 17 January 2014

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Following directly on from yesterdays post, when I had finished making the icecream there was 100mls of double cream left over. 
Now what to do with that ... well this was a real no brainer, a recipe I picked up from Suzy's book when I very first read it and the first one that I marked with a little sticky out thing (can't remember what they are called) Alfredo Sauce.

I had just enough of the cream to make a one person sized portion, but I decided to cook enough pasta for two so I would have leftovers to tinker with again and look ... I've decided to weigh out my pasta now so I can get a grip on what single and double portions actually look like and NOT have leftovers unless I actually want them for a future planned dish.
The sauce is so simple: 
Alfredo Sauce
To Serve Two 
225g dried pasta (any shape or spaghetti)
1 tablespoon butter
200ml double cream
50g grated cheese (Parmesan is the best)
salt and pepper
Gently heat the cream and butter together until the butter has melted and then stir in your cheese.  Bring this up to the boil and then simmer gently for a minute or two until the sauce has thickened slightly.  Add your pasta to the sauce and if it is slightly too thick let down with a little saved pasta cooking water.
For this and many, many more equally simple but oh so tasty recipes and other ideas see Suzy's book, The Leftovers Handbook (see link on the sidebar).
There are many additions you can put with this basic sauce, salmon (or salmon paste a la Jack's recipe), chilli flakes, crushed garlic, some lovely fresh or frozen spinach etc.  I also usually add a handful of peas or serve with some broccoli or other zingy veg on the side.

Whilst checking through the fridge I also came across these grapes, totally forgotten about and really out of date ...

... and do you know what, with a little rinse in cold water and a good look over they were all absolutely fine.  So these are my nibble of the day, a few of them will be popped just as they are into a tub and put into the freezer, frozen grapes make a wonderful icy cold nibble at any time ... and could be served with a spoonful of my lovely icecream, it's very tasty!!
Sue xx


  1. Chickens LOVE grapes if there are any left over...

    1. I know they do, but they're not having any of these, they are all mine, and my need is greater than their's at the moment :-)

  2. Sue,

    I feel I owe you one for the porridge suggestion - and looking at the ingredients, they reminded me of a spaghetti carbonara recipe I love to cook ( and my family loves to eat ):

    For each person :-

    12g of butter
    30 g lardons ( I assume you could use mushrooms? )
    2 crushed garlic ( use 3 for two )
    2 egg yolks ( save or freeze the whites for baking later )
    Salted water for pasta ( don't be tight with the salt )
    Dried Pasta ( we use rough cut spaghetti, as it holds the sauce better than the cheaper, smooth dried spaghetti ) - 75 grammes or 100 if you are really hungry.
    30g Parmesan, grated.

    Put on the pasta, whilst it is cooking, fry up the lardons with butter and crushed garlic - you should time both to be ready simultaneously..

    When the pasta is cooked, remove the garlic - it will have imparted it's flavour into the butter. Don't strain the pasta - instead use pasta tongs to place the pasta into the frying pan - this way a small amount of the salty pasta water will travel with the pasta. Don't discard the pasta water yet.

    Next, remove the buttery pan you introduced the pasta to off of the heat - this will stop the eggs from scrambling. Now introduce the egg yolks, stirring them into the buttery spaghetti. The pasta should take on a glossy appearance. You may need to add a tablespoon of the pasta water to achieve this, but don't over do the liquid.

    Now add two thirds of the parmesan, stir, and pour onto a plate. Sprinkle over the remainder of the parmesan. Enjoy.

    1. This is the recipe I used to use all the time for a good basic pasta sauce (minus the bacon as I'm a vegetarian), but then one day my Lovely Hubby had sold ALL our eggs and there were none left for us for tea, so I switched to Suzy's recipe and do you know what it tastes just the same, so now I tend to use one or the other depending on whether I have eggs or cream

      Although I guess in future there will be more chance of me having eggs than cream as we do have chickens but we don't have a cow!! :-)

  3. I'm so surprised those grapes last that long. Possibly it was the packaging...? I just tossed out cheese that was 5 weeks past the use by date. Wasn't brave enough to try it. ~ Pru

    1. Ooh you should have smelt, and then been brave enough to have tasted a smidge, I've just used us some cheese that was still sealed in it's pack but dated November!!

      If you think about it cheese used to be sold without any packaging (indeed in some lovely Deli's it still is) and any mould would have been sliced off and then the inner cheese eaten.

      I love using my senses rather than following the dates I am 'told' to follow. I waste a lot less food now than I ever used to and I've not been ill up to now, touches her head (wood).

      I was amazed by the grapes tasting so fresh, no doubt the vitamin content had plummeted but they WERE tasty and crispy.


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