Sunday, 5 January 2014

Day Five

Money Spent Today - £0     Money left in purse £5
Already it's Day Five of the Challenge and the good news is that not a penny has been spent, so there is a full £5 nestled in my purse and available to spend. 
I have been having a look through the newly filled (since moving) kitchen cupboards as I have prepared meals over the Christmas holidays and there is lots in stock ... and I mean lots!!  A lot of it has moved with us from Berkshire and if I'm honest and we had moved it all in one go rather than in the dribs and drabs that we did,I would have noticed much sooner just how much there really was.  Some of it was bought for Christmas and then not all eaten, a little bit of it was received as gifts over Christmas and of course there was the contents of the gorgeous F&M hamper that we received, up to now only the Champagne has been drunk ... well could you have resisted :-)
What is it with me and food, maybe the past (having no money and hardly any food to get through weeks at a time with two growing boys) has rubbed off on me much more than I think and the urge to squirrel things away is too strong to ever get rid of.  I hope not! This year should see the cupboards and our eating habits changing, and preparation of food should get right back to basics and then once and for all I will be in charge of the contents of my cupboards and they will not droop under the weight of food bought 'just in case' and 'because of '. 
I do hope some of you know what I mean.
Anyway the start of this Challenge will see me make what I can from what we already have in store, and I will get some photos of the cupboards and freezers as they are now.  Although already I have plans that will see things move from cupboard into freezer as some of my Approved Foods foodstuffs are now seriously out of date and I think that turning some of them into ready to use frozen items is a good way to stop any further deterioration and to help me get the absolute most I can from things. 
I really do have to plan ahead, not just days and weeks but months.  One pound a day is not a lot to spend and I guess the first things that I will need to buy will be things like fresh veggies and fruit.  I will have to get my bargain hunting head on and find out the best times to go to local shops and markets for the end of day reductions in the fresh food departments.  But the further I can get myself ahead by not spending my available pounds the better I will be able to cope. 
I wonder if it is possible for January to be a completely none spending month.  That would see me go into February with £31 available ... a pipe dream - perhaps but I think I will really give it my best shot.
The reason for the photo of the pasta at the top ..... I have lots of the stuff in stock, in the form of dried spaghetti, tagliatelle, penne, twists and lasagne sheets ... I most definitely will not starve on the pasta front :-)
Sue xx


  1. Well done Sue and I know what you mean about having a 'just in case' cupboard. I still have a habit of doing that even though my last 2 are at Uni...can't help feeling I need 'stuff' in in case I have extra mouths to feed unexpectedly...silly when they are not here for long periods at a time now...

  2. Oh I do so know what you mean, Sue ! Nothing wrong with a bit of squirrel instinct though.... As long as you are in control of it, not the other way round !

  3. Sue you have inspired me! I am going to attempt this challenge too, and as a single person household it should me twice as easy for me! I too gave a stuffed freezer, larder, etc, so off to a good start! Good luck!

  4. I must make a better effort and spend less on groceries and I will do if I keep on popping by your blog!!

  5. I am another who has to have in just in case! Plus I take 2things from the freezer to cook and end up putting 5 back! I need to take a leaf out of your book and stop buying until its all used up, that would please my hubby no end!

  6. Fantastic! I am off now to look at the fridge contents and see what needs using up x


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